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Our Plan

Mimi na Wewe Foundation Strategic Plan:

Following the well-crafted, forward-looking, visionary, innovative, aspirational and challenging ve year Mimi na Wewe Foundation Strategic Plan which clearly focuses on directly and speci cally supporting the implementation of the day to day Foundation operations in the course of attaining her vision of being a Strong, In uential and Reliable Association in Supporting, Promoting and Strengthening Educational and all Developmental activities in Zanzibar and beyond borders, the 2 year Action Plan is hereby crafted to guide and support Mimi na Wewe 2018-2023 Strategic Plan implementation.

This Mimi na Wewe 2018-2020 Action Plan is envisaged to simultaneously ensuring critical socio-economic priorities of uniting various segments of Zanzibar community in peace and harmony as well as delivering direct development bene ts to solve educational, health and high-level unemployment challenges amongst others.

This Action plan is aiming at clearly elaborating the Mimi na Wewe priorities, their benchmarks and milestones to ensure timely accountability and progress. However, the activities will be monitored and updated regularly. However this plan will support the implementation of Mimi na Wewe Foundation strategic goals which are aligned within her focus areas as follows: