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The genesis of Mimi na Wewe Foundation was derived from Dr. Shein’s motto of 2010–Kutokufanya Kazi kwa Mazoea (Innovative working styles in the workplaces) and Dr. Magufuli’s motto of 2015-Hapa Kazi Tu (Embracing Hardworking Spirit in the Workplaces). It is due to many factors that Mimi na Wewe Foundation aims to become an inspirational and motivational community based organisation in Zanzibar mostly aiming at building unity and trust among community members and well-wishers all over the Zanzibar community. Developing the Mimi na Wewe Foundation 2018-2023 Strategic Plan began with re ections on the ndings and conclusions from the several evaluations of Programmes implemented since 2015 in the subsequent action plan.

This Strategic Plan therefore, sets out the road map that will direct the future course of this foundation. This ve year Strategic Plan articulates the mission, vision and strategic goals objectives and strategies and resource requirements that will be required to be attained between 2018 and 2023. This Plan documents well the mandate of the Foundation which intends to achieve in the course of supporting community development initiatives in Zanzibar until the year 2023. The main goal of the Foundation’s operations is to help develop a country where young people grow up knowing that they have opportunities and can make positive contribution to their surrounding society.

This carefully crafted Mimi na Wewe Foundation 2018-2023 Strategic Plan entails 6 strategic goals which are termed as the milestones that the organisation sets to achieve in form of numerous strategies and activities thereafter contained herein. The strategic goals presented herein are aligned in the SMART objectives model which is an essential model for setting attainable and meaningful objectives. The plan establishes 6 high level strategic goals namely hereinafter: