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Whereas, the challenges facing the destitute and vulnerable community members in Zanzibar are quite numerous and devastating, as they keep on growing in time to time while the government’s hand is inadequate. Whereas, the communities are facing many problems such as inadequate health and education services, decline patriotic and responsible citizenship spirit, lack of economic cooperation and evolvements in communities’ development and mobilization strategies needed to solve them; as the government’s maximum efforts don’t meet them. Whereas, the need of the appropriate support to promote sustainable livelihoods of the disadvantaged community members in Zanzibar through provision of requisite foundational services and needs in a proper manner would be a greater potential for alleviating the availing destitution and vulnerability in Unguja and Pemba. Therefore; there is a need of founding and registering a strong organisation which will extend the government hand in meeting the needs of the communities and uniting various community segments towards achieving the sustainable livelihoods of the community members in Zanzibar.


Mimi na Wewe Foundation envisions seeing socio-economically well destitute and vulnerable community members in Zanzibar leading to sustainable livelihoods.


Mimi na Wewe Foundation exists to promote sustainable socio-economic well-being of the destitute Children, Youth, Women and People with Disabilities in the strongly united community through quality supporting, inspiring, motivating, capacity building, networking, research, lobbying and advocacy interventions.


The existence of Mimi na Wewe Foundation in Zanzibar serves the following objectives

1 To strengthen access of destitute and vulnerable community members to life-sustaining opportunities such as health services, education/training, nance and other business- promoting opportunities.

Core Values

In the pursuit of the above mentioned vision, mission and objectives, the following core values; Unity, Integrity, Innovation, Accountability and Sharing Learning will at all times be guided and bound the attitude and conduct of the Board of Guardians, Board of Trustees, Management Team, all staff and volunteers of Mimi na Wewe Foundation.
Meet miminawewe team
Ali Abdulla Said Natepe

Ali Abdulla Said Natepe


Ali Abdulla Said works as the head of the miminawewe Foundation, overseeing the Foundation’s operations. he is responsible for developing strategies to address some of the world’s most challenging inequities and leading all the Foundation’s efforts to promote equity and sustainable livelihoods for Community

Hassan Mussa Ibrahim

Hassan Mussa Ibrahim


Hassan Mussa Ibrahim works as the Secretary of the miminawewe Foundation, he is responsible for Maintaining effective records and administration.also ensuring the smooth functioning of the Management Committee

Abdullatif kadir mussa

Abdullatif kadir mussa

IT (tech support)

Abdullatif Kadir Mussa works as the Tech support in MIMINAWEWE Foundation, overseeing all technological aspects of the Foundation’s operations. he is responsible for developing technological strategies for community

Hajji Nasib Nyanya

Hajji Nasib Nyanya

Press Officer

Hajji Nasib Nyanya is a senior advisor who advice on how to deal with the news media and, using news management techniques, maintain a positive public image and avoid negative media coverage



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